Advantages in Holding a Property Tax Convention

  • There will be a definite time table and definite proposed solutions to consider after it concludes.
    • At least, that is the hoped for result. Hopefully, the solutions proposed will be deep and substantial, and not timid or cosmetic. Of course, that is only if the results are binding (see what happened to the recommendations of the Task Force of several years ago).
  • It takes the issue out of the hands of Trenton.
    • Politicians/legislators have no incentive to go against special interest groups (NJEA & other public employee unions, developers, themselves). The present system serves them as is, they have no incentive to change it a whit.
  • Fairness in how taxes are collected will be the sole issue addressed.
    • That is, as long as the present proposal is maintained of only dealing with how to collect money to pay for government services and not including spending as part of the Convention’s charge.

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