DISCLAIMER – The links below do not constitute endorsement of their views. Most groups, even when they agree that the Property Tax is unjust and unfair, do not advocate its elimination, as is the goal and purpose of this website.

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  • New to Property Taxes? Check out A Taxpayer Guide to Property Taxes by Frank V. Effenberger
    This guide is written expressly for and in the interest of the citizen-taxpayer, and is meant to provide an unvarnished understanding of property taxes, with the aim of providing the overview and insight necessary for more effective citizen advocacy in dealing with governing bodies and officials responsible for administration of property taxes. The main thrust is fiscal responsibility and integrity.

  • The Worst Tax?: A History of the Property Tax in America (Studies in Government and Public Policy)
    This is one of the best books on the history of the Property Tax in this country. Unfortunately, it concludes with the same defeatist approach to fixing the problem we suffer from today. That is, it concludes it cannot be undone and so why even bother. Purchase it from Amazon

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