Eliminating the Property Tax Brings Good Health

Stress – the silent killer

Research has shown that stress experienced over an extended period of time has an extremely detrimental affects upon one’s health. The affects can range from chronic illness to more serious and deadly conditions. Health care workers often advise patients on how to reduce stress. The expected result is an improvement in health.

N.J.’s Government Sanctioned Killer

The Property Tax is the cause of endless stress in the lives of countless taxpayers. The result is untold health problems that are not diagnosed as property-taxitis. But it is the cause of many people’s health concerns, without question.

How can this be?

When one knows they cannot afford to pay ordinary or unexpected bills, make home repairs, afford a new car, save for retirement, afford healthcare expenses, or even purchase all the groceries one needs because their property taxes eats up hundreds of dollars each month that causes stress.

Living in this age of downsizing, out-sourcing and off-shoring, leaves many in constant fear of losing their job. That would not be so bad if they did not know that would mean possibly losing their home due to being unable to afford their mortgage AND property taxes while out of a job. The constant stress brought on by this fear ruins the worrier’s health.

When one has lost their job and is forced to take one at a much lower pay scale and they no longer can afford their mortgage and property taxes that causes stress. Their income tax has gone down. The amount of sales tax decreases because they do not spend as much money. But property taxes not only do not go down, but they go up every year. Very stressful.

When one realizes they are unable to save for retirement due to nothing left over to do so, that causes stress.

When one spends years knowing that it is unlikely they will be able to remain in their home for their retirement years because they will no longer be able to afford to live and pay property taxes, that causes stress.

Anticipation of the emotional devastation brought on when it is known the only way to deal with property taxes will be to move out of state and leave family, friends and memories of a lifetime causes stress.

There are countless other worries or events that bring stress into people’s lives that are directly attributable to the financial drain and strain the Property Tax inflicts upon taxpayers. This tax is more than a mere annoyance.

What Can Be Done?

The stress it brings results in emotional strain, health affects, increased health costs and other financial burdens need not be. Eliminate the Property Tax and they will be immediately alleviated and even reversed. It is as simple as that.


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